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We know you have a million other things on your plate, so let us help you with your office move. At Rentacrate, we have the broadest product offering of rental moving crates, bins, & equipment that are suitable for any office move. Not only do we equip you with innovative, eco-friendly moving crates & equipment, but we also have a nationwide infrastructure of experienced commercial Move Experts to assess, plan, and execute your office relocation. Let us handle all aspects of your move from start to finish so you can focus on what really matters to your business. 

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Instead of dealing with an outdated move quote process, we’ve designed an easy to navigate checkout process with you and your company in mind. You can select a move bundle best suited for your company, tell us your preferred delivery date, and complete your order all on your own. In the event you want some support, you can give us a call at 855-869-7622, or talk with one of our Move Experts directly from the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Fill out your location, company size, and email address in the form up above & we’ll recommend customized move bundles that best fit your needs.

After you select your move bundle package, rental length, preferred delivery date, and whether you’d like information on other commercial move support and services, continue to our easy and secure online checkout.

We'll provide a 2-3 hour window and deliver the crates and equipment safely to the ground floor of your building.

Once you’ve moved to your new office and you’ve finished unpacking, we'll schedule a 2- 3 hour pickup window to come and get your crates and equipment.

After your pickup is complete, we'll send you a survey to hear about your company's experience as it is important to us to hear how it all went.

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"It was so convenient to have them dropped off and picked up from my home. This was the only company I found that would deliver to me in Michigan, and pickup from New Jersey." - Jessica from Detroit, MI


Better than boxes

Our sustainable & reusable moving crates, bins, and equipment are designed for an effortless move with your company in mind.

Solid Construction: Your teachers can stack these 4 high without worrying about anything collapsing. This also makes organizing a breeze.

Latching Lids: Say goodbye to taping, box cutters and paper cuts. Your teachers will enjoy ease of access with a side of security.

Handles: No more struggling for teachers to get their hands under heavy boxes. They can move these with ease by steering their dolly from their trusted handles.

Fit For Your Move: Our Standard Crate (24.25” x 15.25” x 12.75”) is designed to get the job done, but additional sizes can be added to support the bigger business.

Pak-N-Stak™ Dolly: The moving partner of your dreams. Stack your crates on the dolly and move around your office effortlessly.

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"Not a single thing was broken in our move, which was a first. I can only assume the crates did a good job of protecting things from being crushed. " - Laura from Washington, DC


Moving beyond crates

While we may be known for our moving crates and equipment, we also specialize in office moving services for businesses of all sizes in every industry. We offer a nationwide footprint of corporate office movers and partners that can assess, plan, implement, and execute office moves and relocation projects without limitations.

IT Support: Our specialized resources, equipment, and personnel can seamlessly relocate and set-up computer labs, classroom technology, disconnect/reconnect, and new technology installation.

Library & Book Room Moves: Professional library, textbook, and other resources in-order packing, re-shelving & re-shelving.

Lab Moves: Moving carts to safely and efficiently manage unique contents and complex equipment.

Art & Music Department Moves: Moving equipment for art & music departments to transport supplies, fixtures, and instruments safely and securely.

PE, Wood & Metal Shop Moves: Sport equipment, large tools, and hardware can all be stored and transported with ease by utilizing our carts and multipurpose bins.

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"Using Rentacrate was the best decision we made while moving. Not only was the service quick and reliable, the crates were perfect for stacking and moving. Using Rentacrate saved us a lot of time and headaches!" - Erin from Chicago, IL

The most reliable way to protect what matters to businesses

Our business was founded on having nationwide coverage of reusable, eco-friendly moving crates, equipment, and packaging supplies to ease the burden of packing up and moving.

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We've crafted expert moving bundles that can be added to your cart with one click.

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Our Pak-N-Stak™ crate and dolly systems make moving easier than ever.

Personalized service

Our Move Experts are in touch with you for every step of your move process.

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How it All Began

With over 30 years of experience moving schools

It will come as no surprise to you when I confess: we cannot predict the future. But we can prepare for it.

At Rentacrate, we aim to provide certainty and reliability in an uncertain world, which resonates with our customers now more than ever. Since the inception of our company, we have been forced to not only embrace change, but to pioneer it. Changing markets, disruptive technology, and an evolving customer base, we have greeted change with open arms.

While the health and safety of our team and our customers are our top priority, it is important that we continue to support the communities we operate within. Our resilience in the face of ambiguity is what sets us apart in our industry.

As we continue to move forward and serve our customers, know that we are here for you today, and we will be here for you in the future. - JOSEPH A AIELLO, PRESIDENT & CEO

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Our customer service team is here to help with every detail. Our business hours are Monday- Friday, 9am- 6 pm EST.

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We understand you don’t always have the experience, time, and resources to properly execute your move. We’ve been making moves more efficient since 1991 and have you covered. Our Rentacrate Move Concierge team can assist you with full coordination and execution of your project or with only the components you don’t want to handle yourself.  One call for all your needs. Contact us now to learn more at or at 866-673-7215. 

Please fill out the form above with your delivery and pickup addresses, your general office size, and your email, and you will then see pricing.  Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to us directly at or at 800-427-2832 with the specifics of your move and we’ll get moving on a quote.

We offer several additional services for commercial customers to help you with your project such as: Move Coordination & Execution, Office Clean-out, Electronic Recycling, Decommissioning, Tech Disconnect/Reconnect, Ongoing Support, and more.

We keep our crates clean and sanitized between each customer use. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, therefore our standard cleaning and disinfecting process for all our equipment exceeds CDC guidelines. Our equipment has been cleaned and inspected by your local Rentacrate team.

Yes!  We pride ourselves on our ability to service customers nationwide. 

24.25" x 15.25" x 12.75" (3 cu. ft)