Need moving equipment?

Rentacrate’s reusable plastic crates, bins and equipment are the ideal tools for any office, school or home relocation to make moving a breeze. Made of 100% percent recyclable, high-density polypropylene, Rentacrates are the environmental alternative to cardboard boxes and move day headaches.

Let us know your location, company size, and email address, and we’ll start moving on a quote.


We offer multiple plastic, reusable crate options that can be used to pack and store your items from one location to another.

A1N Standard Crate

24.25" x 15.25" x 12.75" (3 cu. ft)

A1N Plastic Standard Dolly

27.5” x 18.25” x 10.5”

All Purpose Crate

19" x 11.5" x 9"

C7 Computer Crate

23.5" x 19.5" x 23.5" (7 cu. ft)

C7 Computer Dolly

28.25" x 22.25" x 6.5"

LC40 Lateral Filing Crate

42” x 17” x 13.5” (5 cu. ft.)

LC40 Lateral Filing Dolly

42.5" x 12.25" x 14.25"

Carts & Dollies

We offer a wide range of various carts and dollies that can help you move your items from one location to another with ease.

Carpeted Dolly

32.25" x 19.5" x 6.75"

Carpeted Panel Cart

30" x 28" x 46"

H-Frame Dolly

30" x 18" x 7.5"

Picture Cart

44.5" x 23" x 32"

Hand Truck

52" x 18"

Rubber Capped Dolly

32.5" x 18.25" 7.75"

Computer/Inventory Cart

45 x 24 x 55"

Double Sided Library Cart

38" x 24" x 62"

Single Sided Library Cart

38" x 16" x 59"

Purge Services

We offer a range of bin options that can be used for purge and shred services. Each bin is designed for different materials so we can safely dispose of and recycle all unwanted materials and supplies.

PB20 Purge Bin

42.5" x 29.5" x 27" (16 cu. ft)

Shred Bin

23" x 20" x 49" (64 gallons)