Crate Bundles:

The better way to move.

  • Like cardboard boxes, but better
  • Customize your bundle based on the size of your office

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Crate Bundles:

The better way to move.

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We offer multiple plastic, reusable crate options that can be used to pack and move your items from one location to another.

A1N Standard Crate

24.25" x 15.25" x 12.75" (3 cu. ft)

A1N Plastic Standard Dolly

27.5” x 18.25” x 10.5”

C7 Computer Crate

23.5" x 19.5" x 23.5" (7 cu. ft)

LC40 Lateral Filing Crate

42” x 17” x 13.5” (5 cu. ft.)

Carts & Dollies

We offer a wide range of various carts and dollies that can help you move your items from one location to another with ease.

C7 Computer Dolly

28.25" x 22.25" x 6.5"

LC40 Lateral Filing Dolly

42.5" x 12.25" x 14.25"

Carpeted Dolly

32.25" x 19.5" x 6.75"

Carpeted Panel Cart

30" x 28" x 46"

H-Frame Dolly

30" x 18" x 7.5"

Picture Cart

44.5" x 23" x 32"

Hand Truck

52" x 18"

Rubber Capped Dolly

32.5" x 18.25" 7.75"

Computer/Inventory Cart

45 x 24 x 55"

Double Sided Library Cart

38" x 24" x 62"

Single Sided Library Cart

38" x 16" x 59"

Purge Equipment & Services

We offer a range of bin options that can be used for purge and shred services. Each bin is designed for different materials so we can safely dispose of and recycle all unwanted materials and supplies.

Multi-Purpose Bin

42.5" x 29.5" x 27" (16 cu. ft)

Shred Bin

23" x 20" x 49" (64 gallons)

Pre-Move Services

Electronic Recycling



Pack, stack and roll your way to a less stressful move.

Fill out your move information and get instant pricing for a crate bundle.

Pick the bundle that’s right for you, add on moving supplies and checkout online.

We deliver your crates, you move and we pick them up when you’re settled.

Rent Moving Crates

Pack, stack and roll your way to a less stressful move.

Rentacrate makes cardboard boxes a thing of the past.

Rentacrate makes cardboard boxes a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service team is here to help with every detail. We want you to have all the answers you need before you reach out.

Contact Support

We understand you don’t always have the experience, time, and resources to properly execute your move. We’ve been making moves more efficient since 1991 and have you covered. Our Rentacrate Move Concierge team can assist you with full coordination and execution of your project or with only the components you don’t want to handle yourself.  One call for all your needs. Contact us now to learn more at getmoving@rentacrate.com or at 866-673-7215

Please fill out the form above with your delivery and pickup addresses, your general office size, and your email, and you will then see pricing.  Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to us directly at customerservice@rentacrate.com or at 800-427-2832 with the specifics of your move and we’ll get moving on a quote.

We offer several additional services for commercial customers to help you with your project such as: Move Coordination & Execution, Office Clean-out, Electronic Recycling, Decommissioning, Tech Disconnect/Reconnect, Ongoing Support, and more.

We keep our crates clean and sanitized between each customer use. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, therefore our standard cleaning and disinfecting process for all our equipment exceeds CDC guidelines. Our equipment has been cleaned and inspected by your local Rentacrate team.

Yes!  We pride ourselves on our ability to service customers nationwide. 

24.25" x 15.25" x 12.75" (3 cu. ft)

Currently, Rentacrate does not offer residential service.