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Helping teachers & staff move easier

But for a child and a teacher, I would not have a job.

School moves are stressful. Is there enough equipment for the move? Are teachers prepared to pack up their classrooms? Do we have enough labor to do the physical move? Stop worrying. School Moving Services, a division of Rentacrate, has been an expert in the school moving industry in Washington for over 30+ years. We understand that your team has limited access to resources and budgets, which makes your job even more challenging. Our team of experienced school moving experts, paired with our equipment & vetted services, allows us to detect and address these challenges before they get in the way.

Trusted by schools across the country

We've had the privilege of serving K-12 Private & Public Schools such as:

Our School Moving Services

Moving beyond crates

While Rentacrate may be known for moving crates and equipment, our School Moving Services division specializes in planning, implementation, and execution for all school relocation and renovation projects. From K-12 school districts, to colleges & universities, we are a valuable partner in the school move process from start to finish.

Technology Services: Our Certified Technicians plan, survey inventory, and perform disconnect/reconnect with extensive network testing.

Space Utilization & Reconfiguration: We have technology and personnel that assess your school's current space, plan, set up, and optimize it for the next school year.

Decommissioning & Liquidation: With the changing school environment, we remove and dispose of unwanted classroom furniture, equipment, and supplies.

Asset & Document Management: Rentacrate has the advanced technology and resources to properly track and monitor assets during your relocation.

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"Employees were very helpful and thoughtful. Service was timely." AMANDA FROM ATLANTA, GA

School Moving Made Easier

Benefitting your faculty & staff

Swap out flimsy cardboard boxes for an easier and more sustainable move for your staff by supplying them with our plastic moving crates and equipment.

Saving Time: Provide time savings solutions for your teachers during the move process with no more box assembly, take down, or taping needed.

No Trash: By using our reusable, plastic moving crates your school will eliminate massive cleanup efforts after unpacking at your new location.

Reduce Injury: We eliminate your staff from lifting heavy boxes thanks to our trusted dollies. As a result, your school will drastically reduce its exposure to workman's comp claims.

Sustainable Approach: Your school will reduce its waste contribution by using a sustainable, eco-friendly packing and equipment solution.

Specialized Equipment: In addition to crates, we have an extensive offering of equipment that cater to each department's unique needs.

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"Not a single thing was broken in our move, which was a first. I can only assume the crates did a good job of protecting things from being crushed. " LAURA FROM WASHINGTON, DC

School Departments

Specialized capabilities

In an environment as diverse as schools, it can be challenging to find a labor team that executes across all departments seamlessly. At Rentacrate, we have an extensive project history that allows us to provide expert knowledge and resources to address each of your department needs:

Library & Book Room Moves: Professional library, textbook, and other resources in-order packing and re-shelving.

Lab Moves: Moving carts to safely and efficiently manage unique contents and complex equipment.

Art & Music Department Moves: Moving equipment for art & music departments to transport supplies, fixtures, and instruments safely and securely.

Physical Education Department Moves: Multipurpose bins and carts are available to store sport equipment and resources.

Wood & Metal Shop Moves: Large tools and hardware can be stored and transported with ease by utilizing our carts and bins.

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"Using Rentacrate was the best decision we made while moving. Not only was the service quick and reliable, the crates were perfect for stacking and moving. Using Rentacrate saved us a lot of time and headaches!" ERIN FROM CHICAGO, IL

Our School Moving Crates

Better than boxes

Our crates are designed for an effortless move with your school in mind.

Solid Construction: Your teachers can stack these 4 high without worrying about anything collapsing. This also makes organizing a breeze.

Latching Lids: Say goodbye to taping, box cutters and paper cuts. Your teachers will enjoy ease of access with a side of security.

Handles: Absolutely no more lifting heavy boxes for your faculty and staff. The handles allow you to stack the empty crates on top of each other while you pack from the bottom up.

Fit For Your Move: Our Standard Crate (24.25” x 15.25” x 12.75”) is designed to get the job done, but additional sizes can be added to support the bigger business.

Pak-N-Stak™ Dolly with Wheels: The moving partner of your dreams. Stack your crates on the dolly and move around your office effortlessly with the help of 4 wheels.

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"It was so convenient to have them dropped off and picked up from my home. This was the only company I found that would deliver to me in Michigan, and pickup from New Jersey." JESSICA FROM DETROIT, MI

The most reliable way to protect what matters to schools

School Moving Services at Rentacrate was founded to provide the best support and services for Washington schools during any move, relocation, or construction project.

Experienced leaders

School Moving Services has been a Buy Board Contract Holder for over


Trusted school moving partner

We help to build accurate cost models for bond packages and budgeting processes

Personalized service

Our Move Experts are in touch with you every step of your school move

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Add on Supplies

School moving crates & equipment

Rentacrate has a diverse product offering of equipment and crates that cater to each project's and department's unique needs. We can ensure that your school's belongings will be secured with ease during any relocation or renovation.

Standard Crates

Basic classroom supplies can be packed, stored, and transported with ease.

Lateral Filing Crates

Filing cabinet contents or laboratory equipment can be optimally packed.

Computer Crate

Computers, desktop monitors, keyboards, and laptops can be secured with ease.

Library Carts

Library books, textbooks, and media can all be safely housed.

Equipment Carts

Large items from laboratories and art rooms can be stored and transported.

Picture Carts

Artwork and posters can be organized and stored without any harm.

Multipurpose Bin

These bins can be used for band instruments, gym equipment, or anything of substantial size.

Carpeted Panel Cart

Large items can be stacked on the cart to reduce heavy lifting efforts.

Shred Bin

Sensitive documentation can be safely and securely destroyed and disposed.

Purge Bin

We offer purging services to get rid of unneeded resources.

Hand Truck

Larger items can be moved from one location to the next with ease.

H Frame Dolly

Transport heavy, fragile items with ease.

How it All Began

With over 30 years of experience moving schools

It will come as no surprise to you when I confess: we cannot predict the future. But we can prepare for it.

At Rentacrate, we aim to provide certainty and reliability in an uncertain world, which resonates with our customers now more than ever. Since the inception of our company, we have been forced to not only embrace change, but to pioneer it. Changing markets, disruptive technology, and an evolving customer base, we have greeted change with open arms.

While the health and safety of our team and our customers are our top priority, it is important that we continue to support the communities we operate within. Our resilience in the face of ambiguity is what sets us apart in our industry.

As we continue to move forward and serve our customers, know that we are here for you today, and we will be here for you in the future. - JOSEPH A AIELLO, PRESIDENT & CEO

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Frequently asked questions

Our customer service team is here to help with every detail. Our business hours are Monday- Friday, 9am- 6 pm EST.

Contact support
School Moving Services' BuyBoard contract number is 640-21.
Yes, School Moving Services works with customers across the country far in advance of move events to accurately build cost models for major move projects in support of bond packages and budgeting processes.
Yes, School Moving Services specializes in supporting teachers, staff and administrators with pre-move engagement and training. We recognize the important benefits that moving to a new facility can provide especially if engagement of key stakeholders is recognized and included.
Yes, we can partner with you and your school to write an RFP.
No, it should be included in the bond budget as a stand-alone budget number separate from the General Contracting budget.
Yes! At Rentacrate, we typically try to understand your budget ahead of time. Then we conduct the walkthrough and try to match the specific scope of work with your budget and present options as needed.
Yes, Rentacrate can assist you in every phase of your project and provide support after the project has been completed.
Typically it is helpful if a representative from Facilities, IT, Purchasing, Upper Management, and someone with access to keys for all rooms.