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We know you have a million other things on your plate, so let us help you with your office move. While many commercial moving companies help your business move from point A to point B, that’s where their capabilities end. At Rentacrate, we use an integrated approach of planning, product, execution capabilities and technology that other corporate office movers cannot lay claim to. Our experienced commercial moving experts paired with our vetted office moving services will reduce your business' exposure to surprises before, during, and after your office move.

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Moving beyond crates

While we may be known for our moving crates and equipment, we also specialize in office moving services for businesses of all sizes in every industry. We offer a nationwide footprint of corporate office movers and partners that can assess, plan, implement, and execute office moves and relocation projects without limitations.

Pre-Office Move Logistics: Ensures nothing is missed and the entire office move process is accounted for.

Office Move Management: Your business' move is covered from our national network of vetted best-in-class commercial movers to our in-house move planning and execution services.

Post-Office Move Management: Our commercial movers will ensure your business's first day, week, and month are a success in your new office space.

Extended Support: Rentacrate will ensure your people can be productive in your new office location, and that your assets and space are optimized.

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"Using Rentacrate was the best decision we made while moving. Not only was the service quick and reliable, the crates were perfect for stacking and moving. Using Rentacrate saved us a lot of time and headaches!" - Erin from Chicago, IL

Office Moving Trends

Downsized office space

It's no secret that the last year and a half was challenging for businesses nationwide. As a result, companies are downsizing their office footprint to match their new corporate environments. Commercial office movers are using their expertise to help companies, like yours, reconfigure, restructure, and downsize their office space. Here are some services Rentacrate offers that make your office transition easier:

Decommissioning: Unwanted furniture and equipment are removed and disposed of, providing increased savings per square foot by ensuring your vacated office space is left in the best condition.

Electronic Recycling: Whether you're downsizing or restacking your office space, disposing of outdated electronics is inevitable. Our commercial movers have processes in place to do this safely and effectively.

Disconnect/Reconnect: Our IT specialists assess your old office space, plan an efficient disconnect, and execute seamless set-ups so there are no surprises on your business' first day.

Space Layout Planning & Design: Space utilization and occupancy sensors measure and define the best layout for your company's new office environment.

Lease Surrendering: We provide expertise and guidance when navigating through lease surrendering and closing processes with your business' previous landlord.

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"Rentacrate has provided top notch service for many varied projects for my organization over the years. Very appreciative of the teams' hard work and dedication." - Conner from Dallas, TX

Office Moving Crates

Better than boxes

Our eco-friendly moving crates, bins & equipment are no-brainer add-ons for any office move. Not only can Rentacrate provide you with full service corporate office movers to do the actual move, but we can also provide your business with the best equipment to safely pack your company's belongings from one office location to the next.

Solid Construction: Stack these moving crates 4 high without worrying about anything collapsing. This also makes organizing a breeze.

Latching Lids: Say goodbye to taping, box cutters and paper cuts. Enjoy your ease of access with a side of security.

Handles: Allow your commercial movers to move your crates with ease ease by steering the dollies from their trusted handles.

Fit For Your Move: Our Standard Crate (24.25” x 15.25” x 12.75”) is designed to get the job done, but additional sizes can be added to support bigger businesses.

Pak-N-Stak™ Dolly: The moving partner of your dreams. Stack your crates on the dolly and move around your office effortlessly.

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"Not a single thing was broken in our move, which was a first. I can only assume the crates did a good job of protecting things from being crushed. " - Laura from Washington, DC

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Our company was founded on nationwide coverage of the best commercial movers and office moving equipment in the industry.


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How it All Began

With over 30 years of office moving experience

It will come as no surprise to you when I confess: we cannot predict the future. But we can prepare for it.

At Rentacrate, we aim to provide certainty and reliability in an uncertain world, which resonates with our customers now more than ever. Since the inception of our company, we have been forced to not only embrace change, but to pioneer it. Changing markets, disruptive technology, and an evolving customer base, we have greeted change with open arms.

While the health and safety of our team and our customers are our top priority, it is important that we continue to support the communities we operate within. Our resilience in the face of ambiguity is what sets us apart in our industry.

As we continue to move forward and serve our customers, know that we are here for you today, and we will be here for you in the future.


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Our customer service team is here to help with every detail. Our business hours are Monday- Friday, 9am- 6 pm EST.

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We keep our crates clean and sanitized between each customer use. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, therefore our standard cleaning and disinfecting process for all of our equipment exceeds CDC guidelines. Our equipment has been cleaned and inspected by your local Rentacrate team.
We offer a number of additional services for commercial customers to help you with your company move such as: packing supplies for purchase, pre-move logistics support, move management, post-move management, and extended support. Contact a Move Expert to learn more about our Managed Services Division.
Rentacrate services clients nationwide based out of our warehouse locations in 13 major markets. If you are based outside of our warehouse locations and are a commercial customer, we still have the means to service you. Our warehouses are located in: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC Metro Area, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, NY / NJ Metro Area, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa.
Yes! We pride ourselves on our ability to service customers nationwide. To learn if you fall within our zoning areas, please fill out the form above!
Rentacrate goes a step further by evaluating your moving needs within our Rentacrate Managed Services Division and can assist you nationally, or internationally, in prescribing the right resources for your relocation. Whether internally executing, or with our vast resources of vetted partners that we contact and facilitate on your behalf, Rentacrate has you covered for all your relocation needs, including what is required for the space you’re leaving behind. Contact us now to learn more.