Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

Why hire a Local Office Moving Company? Professional movers save you time and stress. Rentacrate Move Services, Office Movers for local and long distance moving projects.


Rentacrate Commercial Moving Concierge
Delivering Move Ready Equipment and Office Moving Services.

  • Reusable Crates and Moving Equipment
    • packing boxes for moving
    • lateral filing crates 42.5" 12.25" 14.25"
    • moving crates with wheels
    • panel carts, hand trucks, & dollies
    • computer moving crates 23.5" 19.5" 23.5"
    • plastic moving boxes 24.25" 15.25" 12.75" Rentacrate A1N Plastic Moving Crate Rental Commercial Move - A1N Plastic Moving Crates at office
    • purge & shred bins
  • Commercial Moving Services
    • Expert Office Movers
    • crate movers
    • Relocation Consulatation
    • Moving
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