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Ongoing Optimization After the Move

We keep your people productive
and your assets and space optimized.

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Your Investment

Are you moving to an open floor plan, creating dedicated and collaborative workspaces or planning for your staff to work remotely? Are you hiring new talent, transitioning an existing team, or just looking to make the most of your historical space?

Regardless of how you arrived here, Rentacrate is your ongoing partner to empower you and your organization with the people, technology and tools to create positive end user experiences.

Post Move Management

  • The Right Experience & Services
  • End User Welcome & Concierge Services
  • Technology Reconnect
  • Cable Management Services
  • Decommissioning & Risk Mitigation
  • Furniture Banking & Exchange
  • Scanning & Document Management
  • Signage

Extended Support

  • Desk & Room Reservation Booking Software
  • CAFM & IWMS Software and Sensors
  • RFID Asset Tagging & ID
  • Scanning & Document Management
  • Employee & Asset Relocations
  • Desk Hoteling
  • Facilities Management Consulting
  • Furniture Management
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Crates & Equipment Standards
  • Sustainable Supplies & Packaging

An Ongoing Partnership of Success

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Desk & Room Reservation Booking Software

Rentacrate is the largest Condeco Software channel partner in the US. Beginning our relationship in 2014 when Condeco first came to the US, we have installed some of the largest installations for banks, professional firms and corporate offices looking to both schedule and manage their square footage dedicated for meetings or to implement hot-desking environments. Recapture the costs of inefficient flex spaces with no show auto-bump technology features and full utilization reporting.

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CAFM Software

If you need more tools to manage your facility, we have an expandable and modular resource package to bolt on to our move management tool. Our CAFM tool is packed with forward thinking bells and whistles, affordable and allows even the smaller organizations an out of box, up and running alternative to the costlier competitors. If you need the heavy horsepower, our FM consultant can help recommend and resource the right tool for your environment from our channel relationships.

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RFID Asset Tagging & ID

Asset tagging and data updates have never been easier. Whether you want to just tag it once for a move or use it ongoing to manage asset lists, changes and movements we have the resource. Easy and no line-of-sight upload to our move or CAFM/IWMS tool allows for permanent records of room and staff assignment and tracks all future movements.

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Scanning & Document Management

A big part of a successful move is purging. Yet many organizations are challenged with finding space for their records and files, and are streamlining their processes – overlooking digital and traditional document management. Rentacrate offers a unique solution that integrates both physical and electronic content in the same application, in the same view, in the same place. We will help you create effective retention policies.

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Employee & Asset Relocations

Rentacrate has the ability to embed on-site in your facilities to perform all required tasks for your space. Dedicated resource, fully vetted and badged, and managed to work-order SLAs. We not only provide the manpower, but we have affordable and scalable standalone SaaS or can integrate with CAFM systems.

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Desk Hoteling

From unique locker systems that provide employees a place to store their items to the most state of the art desk booking systems, we can lead you in your move to desk hoteling, and then ensure you are providing a positive experience for your employees as well as valuable reporting on utilization.

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Facilities Management Consulting

Industry experts to consult on all aspects of current or future space management and technology. We come to you or we are available in blocks of “as-a-service” hours.

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Furniture Management

Industry experts to help with repurpose, redesign, or to help properly value upon liquidation/disposal needs. For larger volumes, furniture exchange banking programs allow you to avoid large write offs, minimize costly storage fees and create a sustainable option for anticipating future needs.

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Signage & Wayfinding

Full custom and general signage options to meet any need or budget. Our clients include F500 down to the small office and are manufactured in state of the art facilities with access to designers to both create and protect your brand.

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Crates & Equipment Standards

While you may have used Rentacrate for a one-time move, the greatest long-term benefit is afforded by adopting a standards program for all your internal shuffles nationwide. This reduces ancillary costs of buying boxes, higher labor and mitigates workers comp claims with our Complete Moving System

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Sustainable Supplies & Packaging

Move packaging is just one element of our supplies for purchase. See options for storage, ergonomic and sustainable janitorial and sanitary supplies in our ecommerce site. All products may be purchased on a one-time basis or standards program.

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Make it a Smart Move

We are excited to help your business thrive before, during and after your move. Call us, or explore our self serve portal and get started right away.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design to make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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