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The Right Equipment For Your Move

Rentacrate offers a complete set of moving equipment catering to all your move needs. Don’t just take our word for it, view our amazing SMB resources for yourself!

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A1N Standard Crates

A1N 24.25” x 15.25” x 12.75” (3 cu. ft.)
The A1N is the standard crate versatile enough for all commercial moving applications. Accommodates legal and letter size files and personal office contents.

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C7 Computer Crate

C7 23.5” x 19.5” x 23.5” (7 cu. ft.)
Relocating computer equipment is a part of any office move these days. The C7 Computer Crate is specially designed to accommodate oversized monitors (up to 21”) and flat screen displays while allowing all the computer's pieces to be stored together.

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Computer/Inventory Cart

CC 45” x 24” x 55”
For all computer types, electronic components, inventory, and even x-rays. Features 3 x 23" deep shelves, 42” in length; an open top shelf, adjustable middle shelf, and 4" rubber casters.

Small Medium Business - H-Frame-Dolly-2

H-Frame Dolly

HDOL 30” x 18” x 7.5”
A no-skid top finish and 4” rubber casters makes this the dolly-of-choice in Texas.

Small Medium Business - Library-Cart-4

Double Sided Library Cart

DSLC 38” x 24” x 62” (5 cu. ft.)
This cart has many applications and can be accessed from either side for double the load capacity. 8 x 36” shelves, 11” deep, 4” rubber casters, 24 linear feet of shelving.

Small Medium Business - Multi-Purpose-Bin-4

Multi-Purpose Bin

PB20 42.5” x 29.5” x ”37” (16 cu. ft) 61.5 lbs
Multi-Purpose Bins are as versatile as your needs, with 16 cu. ft. to facilitate an effective purge process, college move in/move out, inventory, trash disposal, or moving bulky items. Separate lid available in some marketplaces.

Small Medium Business - Secure-bin-1

Secure Bin

PB64 23” x 20” x 39” (64 gallons)
This secure two wheeled lidded bin is ideal for disposal of sensitive documents. Lockable and simple to use, it's a great rental or permanent solution for your shredding needs.

Small Medium Business - ASBB-1

Anti-Static Bubble Bag

ASBBLG 29" x 29"
Anti-static sealable bubble bags in large, small, and keyboard sizes - hold your monitor, hardware, keyboard and mouse, and fit into our computer crates.

Small Medium Business - Computer-Keyboard-Bag-3

Computer Keyboard Bag

CB 27.75” x 14.5”
Zippered bags seal up securely to hold your keyboard, mouse and cables, and fit into our computer crates to make sure all your computer’s parts make it to the destination.

Small Medium Business - Boxes-07

Small Self-Closing Box

AB15 17" x 13" x 11"
No need for packing tape with this box - simply close the interlocking tabs and you're on your way. Our smaller sized box is ideal for moving small personal items, books, and documents.

Small Medium Business - Security-ties

Security Ties

ST 11”
Security for your confidential files and contents should be a top concern during your move, particularly for documents and files subject to HIPAA regulations. Regular security ties effectively discourage tampering.


Moving Beyond Crates

Today, Rentacrate integrates technologies and managed services offerings that empower clients to get the most out of every move they make before, during, and after the event.

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Helping You at Every Step of Your Journey

  • Crates & equipment rentals
  • Moving supplies
  • Managing the move
  • Disconnect & reconnect
  • The physical move
  • Shuffle or internal moving
  • Asset management
  • Space planning
  • Room & desk booking
  • Signage & wayfinding
  • Renovations

Focused on Move Planning & Execution

  • Asset identification & tagging
  • Space utilization analysis
  • Space planning
  • Drawing prep
  • From/To lists
  • Scheduling internal resources
  • Scheduling & managing 3rd parties
  • Communication to internal or external parties
  • Decommissioning your old space
  • Disconnect/reconnect or other IT services
  • Pulling old or running new cable
  • Cleaning or repairs in your old space

Rentacrate Enterprise’s Value-Added Service Model

Our philosophy is to assist our clients on a customized basis, specifically where they need help, every step of the way. We are here for you from the analysis and pre-planning phase all the way through project execution and ongoing services.

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Client Empowerment

Tools & Technology

Small Medium Business - chart-servicemodel-icon-2-48

Consultation & Planning

Resources & Leadership

Small Medium Business - chart-servicemodel-icon-3-48

Execution, Labor & Products

Completion of Projects & Solution Implementation

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Ongoing Services

Continued Optimization of Use of Space, Assets & Time

An Efficient Space & Productive Employees

Rentacrate partners with small to medium size businesses like yours and empowers your team members with tools that drive ongoing optimization and efficiency to maximize your space and employee productivity, while allowing you to self-serve professionally and affordably where you want to.


Pre-Move Logistics Support

  • Current state analysis & needs assessment
  • Lease termination review & tenant requirements
  • Space utilization & planning
  • Origin walk-through
  • Asset tagging & listing
  • Document retention planning, scanning & shredding
  • Pre-move purging & e-scrap


Move Management

  • On demand, self-serve move management software subscription with no contract
  • Move management support & expertise on-site or as a service (MMaaS)
  • Largest inventory of sustainable, cost-effective moving crates
  • Full suite of all other moving equipment needs
  • Packaging supplies
  • Project management support & expertise on-site or as a service (PMaaS)
  • Data builds for assets & staff
  • Technology disconnect
  • Move services


Post-Move Management

  • Employee concierge services
  • Technology reconnect
  • Cable management
  • Day-1 helpdesk
  • Decommissioning origin space
  • De-branding & risk mitigation
  • Furniture liquidation, banking & exchange
  • Signage & wayfinding


Extended Support

  • Room & desk reservation scheduling software & hardware
  • CAFM & IWMS Software as a service
  • RFID asset management
  • Space utilization
  • Moves, adds & changes
  • Crates & equipment standards programs
  • Scanning & document management
  • Facilities management consulting
  • Payments management

Grey Container do not delete or move.

dots Container do not delete or move.


We understand what is required to make your move easy for you and your team. We can guide you every step of the way, we can support you where you need us most, or we can empower you with software and the tools you need.

Regardless of how much or how little help you need, Rentacrate will ensure that you’re getting the best ROI for your space and your staff.

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The Right Technology and Solutions

  • Customized support to help plan & execute your moves.
  • Software solutions that enable you to streamline and better manage your moves.
  • We can run the entire project or help you to whatever degree you need depending on your bandwidth.
  • We provide you with the tools and needed resources that typically are not available in-house.
  • Our moving crates & equipment simplify the move and lower moving costs.
  • We can organize the entire move or empower you with the tools to run it efficiently.
  • We simplify processes such as decommissioning & liquidation, purging, disconnect/reconnect for all IT components, document scanning & indexing solution, and signage.
  • We offer RFID asset tracking.
  • We can guide you through the process of moving towards a paperless environment with scanning & document management.
  • Long after the relocation we offer ongoing space & asset optimization and extended support for facilities management & consulting.
  • If you are moving towards desk hoteling, we offer the latest in room & desk reservation scheduling software & hardware.
  • For larger businesses we offer CAFM or IWMS software as a service that can be integrated with RFID.
  • Signage & wayfinding.
  • Our team can help with internal moves, adds and changes.
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Sustainable Moving Made Easy

Rentacrate is your sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes. With our experience in packaging and space savings, you save on fuel and resources while eliminating unnecessary cardboard waste. Rentacrate is the smart choice for a greener move.

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Move with the Best. Work with the Best.

Don’t trust your retail, commercial, corporate or scholastic moving needs to just anyone. Place your confidence in a company with the experience, and nationwide partnerships to ensure there are no surprises.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design to make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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