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A History of Excellence

For more than twenty-five years, Rentacrate has engaged in organizational moves addressing and resolving relocation challenges for our clients, while supplying smart, eco-friendly crates, dollies and other highly effective moving equipment to the industry.

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Compared to corrugated boxes being used, crates:


Require less total energy to produce


Produce less total solid waste


Generate less total greenhouse gas emissions


Our plastic moving crates provide a sturdier, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes and can help save you both time and money.

Made from 100% Recyclable Plastic

  • With an average lifespan of 15-20 years, one crate can eliminate over 400 boxes from landfill waste
  • Rentacrate’s inventory will eliminate about 10 million boxes per year or over 100 million boxes in their lifetime

Benefits of Using Rentacrates

  • Lessen damages
  • Eliminate disposal/cleanup costs
  • Curb potential for workman’s compensation claims
  • Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • Estimated that 1/3 of the time is saved by utilizing Rentacrates
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Calculate Your Environmental Savings

Throughout its history, Rentacrate has continually infused its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility into its business model. Reduce your environmental impact when you use our products and services.

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A National Partner with Scale

Rentacrate has 14 distribution centers providing national coverage to our clients. We are the country’s largest plastic crate and moving equipment rental resource serving both commercial and residential customers.

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We Transformed Moving

Rentacrate revolutionized the way commercial and residential moves are conducted with our Crate Management System that pairs crates, dollies, carts and protection to create the Complete Moving System™ – A fully integrated system that accounts for all of your moving needs. At the core is our Pak-N-Stak™ crate and dolly system that enables you to stack more at one time.

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Across the 50 states, on average the Rentacrate team is actively involved with:


moves per month

The Right Fit

The Rentacrate Move Advantage


Cost Savings

Using Rentacrate means you need fewer truckloads and less manpower for your move – which can add up to a 25 percent savings over the traditional box move.



Using secured crates, HIPPA compliant carts or equipment RFID tracking for your project, we can assist your organization in proper chain of custody and accountability at all points.



Our delivery and pick-up services come directly to you whenever and wherever you need it.



Our reusable crates, purging and electronic recycling saves trees, reduces solid waste, and prevents hazardous chemicals from entering the water stream.

Moving Beyond Crates

Now Rentacrate is changing move management and ongoing asset management by integrating SaaS and Enterprise level software to extend the complete moving system.

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Rentacrates pre-move logistics makes sure nothing is missed, your life is simple, and the entire move process runs like clockwork.

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Rentacrate has your whole move covered from our national network of vetted best-in-class movers to in-house move planning and execution services.

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Rentacrate will ensure your first day, week, month and year are a success in your new space.

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Rentacrate will ensure people can be productive
and your assets and space optimized.

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Moving Made Easier

Relocate your business or office the smart way, with our bespoke solutions tailored to meet your needs. Call us, or explore our self-serve portal and get started right away.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design to make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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