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We reinvented the way moves happen on campuses

For more than 25 years Rentacrate has been addressing and resolving relocation challenges for higher education institutions while supplying smart, eco-friendly moving equipment to schools.

Along the way, we set the benchmark for modern campus moves and ongoing changes.

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The Unique Challenge of School Moves

Rentacrate and our division School Moving Services specialize in comprehensive planning and implementation of all types of campus relocation projects:

  • New school or building construction
  • Replacement school or building construction
  • Remodeled and renovated school or building projects

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College Move-In Days

Bins from School Moving Services, a division of Rentacrate Enterprises LLC are seen across the country on college and university move-in days.


Moving Beyond Crates

Today, Rentacrate integrates technologies and managed services offerings that empower clients to get the most out of every move they make before, during, and after the event.

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What Differentiates Us?

Rentacrate is a valuable partner at every step of the school move planning process, providing value added services at no additional costs to our customers:

  • Assist in developing moving services budgets for annual campus moves, adds & changes planning, day-to-day move requests or work orders and supplemental labor for projects of larger scope.
  • Create comprehensive scope of work plans that define complete move phases & processes.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive moving scheduling, including calendaring of all move events.
  • Provide move training, personnel preparation, departmental or grant chargeback reporting, and surplus asset tracking & disposal.

Specialized Expertise

Expert services mean improved outcomes in all facets of school moving projects:

  • Cost reduction activities including pre-move purging, e-scrap, furniture/asset removal and disposal/liquidation.
  • IT support services including desktop disconnect/reconnect.
  • Server room migration support.
  • Uninstall/install, reconfiguration, set up and assembly of existing and new furniture.
  • Asset management relating to relocation or redistribution to other facilities.
  • Chargeback reporting to grant or department.

Specialized Capabilities

Rentacrate operates nationwide with distribution out of 14 regional markets. Our division, School Moving Services, is a 10-Year Buy Board contract holder with extensive experience in school move and relocation projects.

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Library & Media Moves

Professional library in-order packing & re-shelving.


Book Room Moves

Textbook and other resources in-order re-stocking.


Research Departments, Hospitals & Lab Moves

Moving carts to safely and efficiently manage unique contents.


Theater, Art & Artifact Department Moves

Moving equipment for art department/studio materials, fixtures & supplies, and special handling for precious items & collections.


Admin Office Moves

Including desktop IT disconnect/reconnect.


Document Management

Including document management, moving, storage and non-confidential document destruction & recycling.



Move-in/move-out bins to accommodate your student customer and get them in and out quickly.

The Right Resources for Every Project

Sustainability is key at Rentacrate and we rely on reusable plastic crates and dollies, bins, and carts that are more environmentally friendly for institutional moves.

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Complete Move Equipment

  • Crates, bins, carts, wheeled shelves, dollies, etc.

Specialized Equipment

  • Including library & computer carts

Skilled Personnel

  • For all activities related to move planning & implementation

Transportation & Labor

  • Allocated to execute the move plan effectively and efficiently

Storage, Packing and Protective Materials & Supplies

  • To protect the tangible assets of every move

Rentacrate Enterprise’s Value-Added Service Model

Our philosophy is to assist our clients on a customized basis, specifically where they need help, every step of the way. We are here for you from the analysis and pre-planning phase all the way through project execution and ongoing services.

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Client Empowerment

Tools & Technology

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Consultation & Planning

Resources & Leadership

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Execution, Labor & Products

Completion of Projects & Solution Implementation

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Ongoing Services

Continued Optimization of Use of Space, Assets & Time

An Efficient Space & Productive Staff

Rentacrate partners with small to medium size business like yours, and empowers you with tools that drive ongoing optimization and efficiency to maximize your space and staff productivity.


Pre-Move Logistics Support

  • Current state analysis & needs assessment
  • Lease termination review & tenant requirements
  • Space utilization & planning
  • Origin walk-through
  • Asset tagging & listing
  • Document retention planning, scanning & shredding
  • Pre-move purging & e-scrap


Move Management

  • Move management software
  • Move management on-site or as a service (MMaaS)
  • Largest inventory of sustainable, cost-effective moving crates
  • Full suite of all other moving equipment needs
  • Packaging supplies
  • Project management on-site or as a service (PMaaS)
  • Data build for assets & staff
  • Technology disconnect
  • Move services


Post-Move Management

  • Employee concierge services
  • Technology reconnect
  • Cable management
  • Day-1 helpdesk
  • Decommissioning origin space
  • De-branding & risk mitigation
  • Furniture liquidation, banking & exchange
  • Signage & wayfinding


Extended Support

  • Room & desk reservation scheduling software & hardware
  • CAFM & IWMS software as a service (SaaS)
  • RFID asset management
  • Space utilization
  • Moves, adds & changes
  • Crate & equipment standards programs
  • Scanning & document management
  • Facilities management consulting
  • Payment management

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Bringing the Best of Our Experience

Rentacrate draws from more than 25 years of major enterprise moving experience, integrated technologies and managed services offerings. We empower clients to get the most out of every move they make before, during and after the event, including:

  • Space utilization studies & analysis providing empirical data to support optimal space planning.
  • Complete move planning & execution including IT disconnect/reconnect and data center/server room relocations.
  • Asset tagging & tracking RFID solutions for single migration events and ongoing operations.
  • CAFM & IWMS solutions with intelligent facilities drawings, comprehensive data & reporting, and work order management for improved workspace understanding, planning and management.
  • Meeting room & free address workspace booking & management solutions for more efficient use of real estate assets.
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National Presence

As a nationwide services provider with distribution in 14 major markets across the country, Rentacrate has the right resources readily available for any move project:

  • Complete suite of technology solutions including CAFM, IWMS and move management SaaS; RFID tagging & room booking technology.
  • Specialized move equipment including crates, bins, carts, wheeled shelves, dollies, etc.
  • Skilled personnel from overall project management to specialized move related tasks.
  • Storage, packing and protective materials & supplies.
  • All transportation & labor requirements needed to execute the move plan.
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Sustainable Moving Made Easy

Rentacrate is your sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes. With our experience in packaging and space savings, you save on fuel and resources while eliminating unnecessary cardboard waste. Rentacrate is the smart choice for a greener move.

Post-Secondary Education

Our extensive project history has given us valuable insights and proven solutions for implementing successful moves of libraries, science labs, art departments, technical department, cafeterias, athletic departments, and entire institutions.

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The Right Resources

  • National service & facilities
  • Highest quality, consistent crates & equipment
  • Customized support for relocation & shuffles
  • Our moving crates & equipment simplify the move and lower moving costs
  • Nationwide disconnect/reconnect services for all IT components
  • Purging, decommissioning & liquidation of end of life assets
  • Document retention planning, scanning & shredding
  • RFID asset tracking
  • The latest in meeting room management & desk reservation scheduling software & hardware
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Signage & wayfinding
  • CAFM & IWMS software as a service
  • Extended support for facilities management & consulting
  • Environmental responsibility & LEED


Budgeting for a Move

Rentacrate works with customers across the country far in advance of move events to accurately build cost models for major move projects in support of bond packages and budgeting processes.


Pre-Move Instruction & Training

We specialize in supporting teachers, staff and administrators with pre-move engagement and training. We recognize the important benefits that moving to a new facility can provide especially if engagement of key stakeholders is recognized and included.

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Partner with the Best

Our experience in every phase of move planning and execution and our institutional knowledge relating to these activities is unique in the marketplace.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design to make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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