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Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Throughout its history, Rentacrate has continually infused its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility into its business model.

Over the lifespan of one crate, 10 trees will be saved. That is the equivalent of eliminating 450 boxes from the waste stream. When you choose Rentacrate, you’re choosing a sustainable future!

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Our Sustainability Promise

Rentacrate aspires to become the first name in environmentally and socially responsible moving and move management. We embrace products and processes that are inherently sustainable and foster initiatives that create ecological benefits for the communities where we live, play, and work.

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Rentacrate’s All-Time Impact

Reusable, recyclable and less expensive than cardboard boxes, Rentacrate has been your smart choice for a greener move since its inception in 1991.

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8M Individuals Moved

We could have moved the entire city of Chicago, Illinois. Not once, not twice, but three times!

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85M Boxes removed from waste stream

We’ve removed enough boxes from the waste stream to take an astronaut out of the earth’s atmosphere and back.

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2M Trees Saved By Using Crates

We have saved enough trees to fill New York City’s Central Park 60 times!


Did You Know…

You can fit twice as much in crates on a truck vs. boxes on a truck, our compact crates fit securely into our trucks for maximum utilization.

As a result, less fuel is needed for transportation leading to less harmful emissions entering our atmosphere.

Standard boxes also tend to get damaged during moves; with Rentacrate you can rest easy knowing your valuables are being safely transported.

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Rentacrate’s Annual Impact

Based on inventory of 250,000 crates being used on an average of once a month and an average move distance of 5 miles…


Boxes removed from waste stream


Trees saved


Emissions reduced


Truckloads kept off the road


gallons of fuel saved


Pounds of carbon eliminated out of the air


Dedication to
Sustainability &
Environmental Responsibility

With our experience in packaging and space savings, you save on fuel and resources while eliminating unnecessary cardboard waste.

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Moving With Crates


Crates require 39% less total energy to produce


Crates produce 95% less total solid waste


Crates generate 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions

A National Partner with Scale

Rentacrate has 14 distribution centers providing national coverage to our clients. We are the country’s largest plastic crate and moving equipment rental resource serving both commercial and residential customers

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Our plastic moving crates provide a sturdier, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes and can help save you both time and money.

Made from 100% Recyclable Plastic

  • With an average lifespan of 15-20 years, one crate can eliminate over 400 boxes from landfill waste
  • Rentacrate’s inventory will eliminate about 10 million boxes per year or over 100 million boxes in their lifetime

Benefits of Using Rentacrates

  • Lessen damages
  • Eliminate disposal/cleanup costs
  • Curb potential for workman’s compensation claims
  • Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • Estimated that 1/3 of the time is saved by utilizing Rentacrates
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Sustainable Moving Made Easier

Relocate your business or office the smart and eco-friendly way, with our bespoke solutions tailored to meet your needs. Call us, or explore our self-serve portal and get started right away.

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