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Our Sustainability Promise

Rentacrate aspires to become the first name in environmentally and socially responsible moving and move management. We embrace products and processes that are inherently sustainable and foster initiatives that create ecological benefits for the communities where we live, play, and work.

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From Strategic Leadership to Heavy Lifting – We’re Here to Help You

Do It Yourself

  • If you know what you want or are a DIY or semi-DIY user, our easy online ordering, scheduled delivery and affordable pricing options make it easy to move your contents and precious items.
  • Access best practice and process references from our years of executing moves for all types of entities in our Thought Leadership section and case studies.
  • Single-use, no-contract move management tool, via Evolve Free, to plan your move schedule right up to move day, and access project and move checklists.

Strategy & Assistance

  • Take advantage of our product and equipment specialists – we’ll help you quantify what you need, do a walkthrough of your facility to assess unique needs and present additional service options.
  • Need to assess how your current space fits into your future space, plan multiple move phases, or need a sounding board to guide you along the way with best practices? Our move and project managers are available as a service to help you plan more efficiently and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Require move management technology to assist you in managing your own move? Evolve-lite allows you to import dynamic drawings to manage move requests, schedule phases, manage vendors and assists with planning to assign assets and spaces.

Execution & Technology

  • Experienced account manager assigned as part of your move/project team.
  • Dedicated project or move manager on-site pre, during and post event.
  • Full access to all move management module capabilities with implementation specialists, training and data-build experts.
  • Execution resources for all aspects of event or ongoing needs; pre-move, move day, IT dis/reconnect, cabling and decommissioning of old space.


Empowering You to Move Better

  • Rentacrate has honed its expertise from years of working with clients of all sizes and scopes to execute their relocation and ongoing move, add, and change needs and has built our team and created our offerings to allow clients to become empowered, to execute and achieve budget and timing goals, as well as satisfy your internal customer.
  • Why deplete key internal resources costing thousands of dollars you can’t recoup?
  • Have a day job but need to be an expert to make it happen? We’ve got you covered.
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The Right Tools

Rentacrate has broken down the relocation process and has assembled the premiere combination of products, services, partners and technology to put the right tools in our clients’ hands – and we’re there alongside you every step of the way.

The Right Execution

Others want to merely create sites with links to vendors in every market and put the work on you to research, sort and guess. Not here. When you need to execute a move for your organization, you need the best-in-market products, technology, services and partners to make it happen on your behalf.

Our end to end solution is designed to give you the tools and the process to manage your move and create the needed components to make it a success at every step.

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1. Move Plan & Budgeting

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2. Master Relocation Schedule

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3. Build Asset & Personnel Lists

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4. RFP/SOWs for Service Providers

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5. Manage Work Orders

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6. Track Costs to Budget


Move Management

Regardless of whether you only need access to subject matter experts to supplement your in-house team, or if you’re looking for a move logistics partner to lead and manage your move from end-to-end; Rentacrate has multiple options to ensure your move is a success.


Service Blocks

  • Gain insight via live chat, Skype for Business, or phone to one of our experienced move managers to bounce ideas, or for specific task completion.
  • Pay for as much or as little service as you need, with an affordable block pricing matrix.
  • Add as you go if things get hairy.


Event Dedicated

  • For added dedicated support, a move manager in your market will be provided on a per hour or a project basis.
  • Our move manager becomes part of your move team and accountable to your stakeholders.


Ongoing Services

  • For those environments where moves, adds and changes are regular occurrences.
  • Retainer or monthly pricing with no minimums or long-term contracts.
  • Provides a consistent process, no matter the location, for all your in-house activity.

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Getting Our Hands into the Heavy Lifting

We’ll leave the packing to you – or we can do that as well!

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Purging, Liquidation & Decommissioning

Many leases call for very specific tasks to be completed upon vacating a space. Our team can help interpret what needs doing and actually get it done. From furniture uninstall and removal, to pulling old cable, or repairing and painting walls, we can help you get your security deposits back and move on with weight off your shoulders. We even help with getting the most value for your discarded items and recycled materials, or as a last step, dispose of them responsibly.

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End User Welcome & Concierge Services

You know your new space, but your end users won’t. We provide Day 1 services to assist your team upon arrival. Direction to their new space, nearest copy center, breakroom or restroom, IT help desk to help with lack of power, missing items or telephone set up. Our goal is to get your team up and running as fast as possible to minimize any business down time.

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Moving Crates, Equipment & Products

Our name says it all – we are the standard in sustainable plastic moving crates that take the place of cardboard boxes, saving time, money, and safely improving your end-user experience. We’re known for our crates and other commonly used moving equipment, but if we need to find you the right equipment or resource to get the job done, our product experts are here to serve.

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The changing workplace has driven more complex technology setups within spaces. Our skilled tech services teams are accustomed to varied IT environments. Don’t leave the pulse of your business to the same move laborer in a different color shirt. From computer/docking stations, cable management, or data centers, our team can help disconnect at origin and get you back up and running at destination to avoid costly downtime.

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Moving Execution/Mover Selection

The changing face of the commercial workspace has caused a convergence in the moving industry. Many one dimensional moving and storage companies no longer exist and very few are national in scope other than via disparate van line associations or moving alliances. Rentacrate’s agnostic market positioning, large equipment inventory, and nationwide, single ownership, allows us to standardize process and pricing as well as partner with the best-in-market labor resources to move you. Our vetting includes adherence to strict service level, insurance and competitive pricing standards. So whether in the same building, across town, or to a new city and state, we can get you there.

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Transition events are the best time to assess your internal signage. Rentacrate provides full service concept, design, production and installation of all workplace signage. Our state-of-the-art fabrication resources can accommodate any size, shapes and quantity. Signage can be used in your workplace to engage, inform, promote, comply, alert, and direct employees and visitors. Our pricing is competitive and our service team is committed to helping you meet all rules and regulations for your public spaces, and exceed your expectations.


Calculate Your Environmental Savings

Throughout its history, Rentacrate has continually infused its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility into its business model. Reduce your environmental impact when you use our products and services.

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Make it a Smart Move

We are excited to help your business thrive before, during and after your move. Call us, or explore our self serve portal and get started today.

Crates & Equipment

With the largest inventory of sustainable plastic moving crates, equipment and complete moving systems, we have the right equipment to make your next move the right move. Strategically located across the country, we are experienced in moving everyone from prestigious corporations and universities, to everyday households and families.

Over the last 25+ years we’ve learned exactly what people need to make their move easy.
You can leave it up to us to plan and tell you what you need, or you can use our self serve portal and take charge of your move.

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A Breadth of Knowledge, Across Your Vertical

Our extensive experience crosses over many different business verticals. Having the right team who truly understands your needs and requirements allows you to focus on managing your move, not your partners.

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Small to Midsize Businesses (SMB)

  • Single point of contact management
  • Custom space planning software
  • RFID asset management
  • From-To lists
  • Nationwide disconnect/reconnect services
  • On-site logistics support
  • CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management)software
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Fortune 1000

  • Single point of contact management
  • Custom space planningsoftware
  • RFID asset management
  • From-To lists
  • Nationwide disconnect/reconnect services
  • On-site logistics support
  • CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software
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  • Single point-of-contact management
  • Custom space planning software
  • RFID asset management
  • From-To lists
  • Nationwide disconnect/reconnect services
  • On-site logistics support
  • CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) Software
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Higher Education

  • Single point-of-contact management
  • Custom space planning software
  • RFID asset management
  • From-To lists
  • Nationwide disconnect/reconnect services
  • On-site logistics support
  • CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) Software

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design so make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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