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Packaging & Supplies

Take extra precautions during your move by using Rentacrate’s vast array of supplies to ensure that your confidential information remains protected and your electronic components are safe. We also provide protection for walls and floors to assure that your move doesn’t leave any lasting costly effects on your previous office space.

Packaging & Supplies - ASBB-1
Packaging & Supplies - ASBB-3

Anti-Static Bubble Bag

Anti-static sealable bubble bags in large, small, and keyboard sizes - hold your monitor, hardware, keyboard and mouse, and fit into our computer crates.

ASBBLG 29" x 29"

ASBBSM 24" x 24"

ASBBKEY 24.5" x 18"

Packaging & Supplies - AS-Bubble-Wrap-1
Packaging & Supplies - AS-Bubble-Wrap-2

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

When it comes to wrapping your computer or electronics equipment, use Rentacrate’s Anti-Static Bubble Wrap to protect your valuable equipment. 12” x 15” perforated sheets.

ASBW 16” x 500’

Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-01
Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-11

Bankers Box

The tidy, lidded Banker's box is an ideal storage solution in your home or office, or during a move. Keep your documents organized and safe.

BB 22" x 15.75" x 12"

Packaging & Supplies - Bubble-Wrap-1
Packaging & Supplies - Bubble-Wrap-2

Bubble Wrap

Moving artwork, lamps, glass, even furniture? Use Rentacrate’s Bubble Wrap to prevent damage. 12” x 15” perforated sheets.

BW 16” x 500’

Packaging & Supplies - Computer-Keyboard-Bag-1
Packaging & Supplies - Computer-Keyboard-Bag-3

Computer Keyboard Bag

Zippered bags seal up securely to hold your keyboard, mouse and cables, and fit into our computer crates to make sure all your computer’s parts make it to the destination.

CB 27.75” x 14.5”

Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-05
Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-02

Document Box

A standard box for household or commercial use during your move. Record the contents and destination on the box to make unpacking a breeze.

DB 16.5" x 12.5" x 12.5"

Packaging & Supplies - Foam-Monitor-Bag-1
Packaging & Supplies - Foam-Monitor-Bag-2

Foam Monitor Bag

Our foam monitor bag cushions and protects your computer monitor from scratches and minor impact in transport. Available in select markets.

FMB 23" x 17.5"

Packaging & Supplies - Household-Labels-1
Packaging & Supplies - Household-Labels-2

Household Moving Labels

Make moving day simple by using these handy labels to identify crates packed with belongings from specific rooms in your house, so your mover knows where to put them in your new home. Includes 100 sheets (127 labels) with labels for kitchen, garage, master bedroom, master bath, bedrooms, bathroom, living room and, dining room.

HOLAB 3” x 3.5” x 0.5”

Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-03
Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-06

Large Self-Closing Box

No need for packing tape with this box - simply close the interlocking tabs and you're on your way. Our larger sized box is ideal for moving bulkier items, laptops, and keyboards.

AB23 24" x 15.25" x 10.75"

Packaging & Supplies - Packing-Tape-BL-1
Packaging & Supplies - Packing-Tape-BL-2

Masking Tape

Ideal for marking rooms or boxes, masking tape is easy to apply and remove, tears easily, leaves no residue, and is able to be written on.

TAPEBLUE 2" x 60yds

Packaging & Supplies - Masonite-2
Packaging & Supplies - Masonite-3

Masonite Floor Protection

Protect your surfaces with Masonite panels, or provide a smooth surface to use wheeled dollies and carts.

MSN 4' x 4'

Packaging & Supplies - Security-Ties-MET-2
Packaging & Supplies - Security-Ties-MET-1

Metal Security Ties

Security for your confidential files and contents should be a top concern during your move, particularly for documents and files subject to HIPAA regulations. Our metal security ties are our strongest available protection for your documents and possessions.

MST 11"

Packaging & Supplies - Moving-Blanket-1
Packaging & Supplies - Moving-Blanket-2

Moving Blanket

Provides reliable protection for any bumps along the road. Durable and waterproof, your belongings will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

MOVBLANK 72” x 80”

Packaging & Supplies - Moving-Labels-1
Packaging & Supplies - Moving-Labels-3

Moving Labels

Available in 10 colors plus plain white, Rentacrate’s moving labels help you color coordinate your move to ensure that crates and furniture make it from origin to destination without hassle or confusion. Our labels are also easy to remove and leave no messy residue on your furniture.

MOVLAB 2” x 3” (6 labels per sheets, packed in sets of 500)

Packaging & Supplies - Newsprint-2
Packaging & Supplies - Newsprint-1

Newsprint Bundle

A 25lb bundle of newspapers to use as packing material during your move, and keep your belongings secure within our crates.

NP 24" x 36"

Packaging & Supplies - Security-Ties-NUM-2
Packaging & Supplies - Security-Ties-NUM-1

Numbered Security Ties

Security for your confidential files and contents should be a top concern during your move, particularly for documents and files subject to HIPAA regulations. Sequentially numbered security ties are available to discourage tampering, and minimize liability in handling sensitive information.

NST 11"

Packaging & Supplies - Packing-Tape-CL-1
Packaging & Supplies - Packing-Tape-CL-2

Packing Tape

General purpose carton sealing tape provides a quality seal. Water-resistant and very sticky, it holds up well in a variety of conditions. Tape dispenser also available upon request.

TAPEPACK 2" x 60yds

Packaging & Supplies - Placards-1
Packaging & Supplies - Placards-2-1


Color code your move with matching labels and placards to make moving day a breeze. Just post these placards to indicate to the mover where crates with matching information should be delivered.

PLAC 8.5” x 11”

Packaging & Supplies - Floor-Protection-2
Packaging & Supplies - Floor-Protection-1

Roll Up Floor Protection

Easier to use than masonite and protects your carpets better too! Rentacrate’s Roll Up Floor Protection is available in two sizes. Rolls on easily and cleans up quickly.

FPRU24 24” x 200’

FPRU36 36” x 200’

FPRUAP 24” to 36” Adjustable Applicator

Packaging & Supplies - Security-Ties-2
Packaging & Supplies - Security-ties

Security Ties

Security for your confidential files and contents should be a top concern during your move, particularly for documents and files subject to HIPAA regulations. Regular security ties effectively discourage tampering.

ST 11”

Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-08
Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-07

Small Self-Closing Box

No need for packing tape with this box - simply close the interlocking tabs and you're on your way. Our smaller sized box is ideal for moving small personal items, books, and documents.

AB15 17" x 13" x 11"

Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-04
Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-12

Speed Pack Box

Our largest box is ideal for household or commercial use, allowing you to pack bulky items, or stack other boxes within for easy relocation.

SPEEDPACK 51" x 23" x 27.5"

Packaging & Supplies - Stretch-Film-3
Packaging & Supplies - Stetch-Film-1

Stretch Film

Great for wrapping everything from pallets and furniture, to carts and file cabinets. Protect belongings from dust and grime, and ensure nothing strays from within.

SF 15” x 1500’

Packaging & Supplies - Wall-Protection-1
Packaging & Supplies - Wall-Protection-2

Wall Protection Roll Up

Corrugated plastic wall protection protects better than cardboard, rolls up easily, and won’t rip or tear. Reusable and recyclable!

WPRU48 48" x 250'

Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-09
Packaging & Supplies - Boxes-10

Wardrobe Box

When you're moving, there are certain items you don't want to get creased or damaged. Our wardrobe box comes with a metal hanger rod so you're able to hang suits, dresses, and other delicate or precious garments.

WARD24 24"

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