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Put Your Move on Autopilot

Regardless of the size of your organization, bringing in the right team with a full suite of capabilities to lead your move, will ensure a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

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Working directly with you, our move management lead will learn about your needs and uncover ways to optimize not only your move, but how your business will transition spaces, and succeed once you’ve relocated.

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Using our powerful software, we’re able to put the power of space planning directly in your hands, for as long as you need it, and never beyond. Our industry-first approach to software for management will show you how we drive success for your business.

Move Management Services Designed to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

We offer a wide range of services, technology and software specifically designed to empower you with the tools you need to execute your move. We believe a well-developed plan leads to a well orchestrated move for your people, your things and your spaces.

This is why Rentacrate has brought forward unprecedented access to powerful tools typically only seen within the largest organizations to help eliminate the guesswork.

Moving Your Assets

  • RFID asset tagging and tracking
  • Largest inventory of sustainable, cost-effective moving crates
  • Packaging supplies and pre-printed labels
  • Full suite of all other moving equipment needs
  • Data build for assets
  • Technology disconnect/reconnect

Moving Your People

  • Automatically generated move lists with corresponding personal information
  • Automated one-person moves via intranet drag-and-drop requests
  • Data build for people
  • Space planning
  • Move management on-site or as a service (MMaaS)
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Partner with the Move Management Experts

Don’t trust your move management with just anyone. Rentacrate has the capabilities, experience and tools to ensure your organization’s move is executed seamlessly and efficiently.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design so make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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