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Rentacrate’s reusable plastic crates and bins are the ideal tools for any office, school or home relocation to make moving a breeze. Made of 100 percent recyclable, high-density polypropylene, Rentacrates are the environmental alternative to cardboard boxes. As an integral part of the Complete Moving System™, all of our crates can be combined with a dolly to make moves a cinch with Rentacrate’s unique Pak-N-Stak™ crate and dolly system.

Single Sided Library Cart - Carpeted-Panel-Cart-1
Single Sided Library Cart - Carpeted-Panel-Cart-2

Carpeted Panel Cart

This cart has a carpeted base for increased durability and stability, 2 removable handles with optional handle covers, for maneuverability, and 6" rubber casters. Makes transporting large items a cinch.

CPC 30” x 28” x 46”

Single Sided Library Cart - campus-moves
Single Sided Library Cart - Inventory-Cart-2

Computer/Inventory Cart

For all computer types, electronic components, inventory, and even x-rays. Features 3 x 23" deep shelves, 42” in length; an open top shelf, adjustable middle shelf, and 4" rubber casters.

CC 45” x 24” x 55”

Single Sided Library Cart - Library-Cart-3
Single Sided Library Cart - Library-Cart-4

Double Sided Library Cart

This cart has many applications and can be accessed from either side for double the load capacity. 8 x 36” shelves, 11” deep, 4” rubber casters, 24 linear feet of shelving.

DSLC 38” x 24” x 62”

Single Sided Library Cart - HIPAA-Cart-2
Single Sided Library Cart - HIPAA-Cart-1

HIPAA Cart Cover

A vinyl cover flap with Velcro® seals is retro fitted on both our Double and Single Sided Library Carts and is designed to meet HIPAA information security requirements.

HIPAAC 55.5” x 38.5”

HIPAAC SS 4” x 36” shelves, 16” deep (12 linear feet)

HIPAAC DS 8” x 36” shelves, 11” deep (23 linear feet)

Single Sided Library Cart - Picture-Cart-1
Single Sided Library Cart - Picture-Cart-2

Picture Cart

The picture cart's carpeted adjustable slots fit up to seven pieces of art. It's sturdy exterior keeps items safe from damage during transport, while the heavy duty handles and wheels make for easy mobility.

PICCART 44.5” x 23” x 32”

Single Sided Library Cart - Library-Cart-1
Single Sided Library Cart - Library-Cart-2

Single Sided Library Cart

14” deep shelves make this cart perfect for transporting or storing legal files. 4” x 36” shelves, 14” deep, 4” rubber casters, 12 linear feet of shelving.

SSLC 38” x 16” x 59”

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