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How To Use Crates - how-to-use-crates


Start from the bottom

Place one empty crate onto our specially-designed dolly system.


Fill to the line

Pack your contents in up to the fill line. Our crates are constructed to fit legal and letter size files, lateral cabinet drawers, binders, books, personal desk contents and computers.


Stack another on top

Place the second empty crate on top of the first full crate, fitting it snugly between the interlocking notches. Repeat the packing steps.


Lock and Label

Affix labels and security ties to ensure your contents are well marked and safe, then repeat until your dolly holds four crates.


Roll the stack away

You or your mover can now easily roll the whole stack away without any heavy lifting or delays of trying to stack full boxes or carrying items one at a time.


Unload top to bottom

Simply reverse the Pak-N-Stak process, nesting each empty crate inside another. Leave the dolly under the nested stack for mobility and ease.

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