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Full Management Program

Rentacrate will provide all packaging equipment, as well as a turnkey management solution for the crate rental program. We will supply all labor to deliver and pick-up the crates and dollies directly to original locations on a predetermined logistics schedule.* In addition, Rentacrate will maintain all equipment, including cleaning between phases, and inventory management during deliveries and pick-ups.


*Rentacrate does not provide any moving labor, just the labor required for the delivery and pick-up service of its products.
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Rental Program

Rentacrate will provide a predetermined quantity of packaging equipment to be reused for the entire relocation. All equipment will be collected from the Rentacrate warehouse prior to the initial phase and later returned upon completion of the final phase. Delivery and pick-up of the crates and dollies prior to and after each phase of the relocation will not be included and are the responsibility of the customer.


Purchase Option

Rentacrate will produce customized crates and dollies imprinted with the customer’s logo. These crates will be produced for reuse throughout the project. Crates and dollies will be property of the customer for day-to-day moves upon completion of the main relocation project. Alternative service solutions are available and include Rentacrate providing additional delivery labor for internal distribution of all equipment to individual workstations.

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