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The Perfect Partnership

Rentacrate has had a longstanding reputation of forming solid partnerships nationwide. Our list of partners includes some of the largest and most capable moving and storage companies in the US, including many who have been market leaders for generations.

Would you like to grow your business with a national and strategic partner?

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A Wide Range
of Expertise

As the corporate workplace continues to change, we have formed many new strategic relationships with technology, healthcare, manufacturing and government relocation specialists.

If you and your organization pride yourselves on being a partner that understands the true meaning of the word, you are willing to be a giver and not just a taker, and you will treat our clients like we treat our own, we would love to expand or begin our relationship with your organization.

Scale Your Business with a Partnership that Drives Healthy Growth

The Best in the Business

Rentacrate is the premier reusable plastic crate and equipment rental and relocation services company in North America. Joining forces will provide your organization with increased revenue opportunities by having access to:

  • Consistent pricing and process nationwide.
  • Our vetted distribution network for your out of market needs.
  • Subject matter experts who have been on many sides of the relocation process and can help you serve your client.

Pipeline of Leads

Rentacrate’s brand equity in the commercial relocation space, state of the art web tools and organic SEO will afford your company with:

  • Access to leads, clients and projects in your market, many with “no bid” opportunities for our service partner.
  • Expanded service offerings that you can check the box in RFP’s for one event or continued on-site service.
  • Access to our partner portal to track your projects.
  • Dedicated customer service team.

Business Efficiency

Rentacrate has designed our products to simplify the move, improve your service and drive greater profitability:

  • Rentacrate’s Complete Moving System™ saves you time which gets you to your next job faster.
  • Durable crates can reduce the number of claims and reimbursements you handle annually.
  • All crates are lockable or can be tracked via RFID, offering your customers more security during their move.
  • Eliminating heavy lifting by using Rentacrate products can reduce Workers’ Compensation issues and make your customers’ packing easier.


Across the 50 states, on average the Rentacrate team is actively involved with:


Moves per month

Who is a Good Fit?

The Rentacrate partnership program achieves a service model that is second to none in the industry. By combining our nationwide footprint, expansive category and sector experience with your specialized capabilities, we create an invaluable network which delivers unmatched service to clients.

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Must be willing to provide opportunities as well as being a recipient of our partner opportunities.

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Must be willing to offer pricing that allows both partners a reasonable return.

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Must be willing to service all clients and projects to meet all SLAs defined by Rentacrate and the client.

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57, 000, 000

Crates Moved with Rentacrate Partners


Meet Your New Growth Plan


You define your ideal clients and timing for when you take on projects.


You set your own pricing for your market when you use our services and gain access to wholesale pricing nationwide.


You have access to marketing and other business development tools.


You gain gateway to our full suite of technology channel partners and tools with guaranteed revenue stream at sale and collection.

Grey Container do not delete or move.

dots Container do not delete or move.

Grey Container –  do not delete or move.

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I so hope that this letter is finding you well. I just had to drop you a short note to describe how pleased we are with our Ace-Rentacrate Partnership. It has exceeded all of our expectations!

Through our partnership with Rentacrate, we have served our customers better because of your service and commitment and in-turn, you have allowed us to grow our business by being part of your service network to serve your clients.

One of the strongest benefits of partnering with Rentacrate? You have worked with us to be creative in defining solutions and executing new channels of business in School Moves, Healthcare, Fortune 500’s Law Firms and Libraries.

This may be one of the best things that ever happened to the Ace Family of Companies.

David R. Howell, CEO The Ace Family of Companies


Compared to corrugated boxes being used, crates:


Require less total energy to produce


Produce less total solid waste


Generate less total greenhouse gas emissions

Ready to Join Our Partner Ecosystem?

Rentacrate will add value to your customers and help grow your business through our comprehensive network of clients across all industries.

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