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Middle Ground

Many clients understand the move and the ongoing space management, but the post move and initial startup in the new space provides a huge opportunity for things to go wrong. When properly managed, they fly.

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Post Move Management

  • The Right Experience & Services
  • End User Welcome & Concierge Services
  • Technology Reconnect
  • Cable Management Services
  • Decommissioning & Risk Mitigation
  • Furniture Banking & Exchange
  • Scanning & Document Management
  • Signage

Extended Support

  • Desk & Room Reservation Booking Software
  • CAFM & IWMS Software
  • RFID Asset Tagging & ID
  • Scanning & Document Management
  • Employee & Asset Relocations
  • Desk Hoteling
  • Facilities Management Consulting
  • Furniture Management
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Crates & Equipment Standards
  • Sustainable Supplies & Packaging

An Ongoing Partnership of Success

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The Right Experience & Services

Rentacrate’s national presence and our team of certified experts, who each bring their own unique perspective, ensure that your organization excels from the moment you arrive in your new space. Our team has been busy planning and executing to make sure everything is seamless. We help in a wide range of areas.

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End User Welcome & Concierge Services

You know your new space, but your end users won’t. We provide Day 1 services to assist your team upon arrival. Direction to their new space, nearest copy center, breakroom or rest room. IT helpdesk to help with lack of power, missing items or telephone set up. Our goal is to get your team up and running as fast as possible to get your business back to running.

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Technology Reconnect

The changing workplace has driven more complex technology setups within spaces. Our tech services teams are “skilled” hands accustomed to varied IT environments. Don’t leave the pulse of your business to the same move laborer in a different color shirt. From computer/docking stations, to cable management, or data centers, our team can help disconnect at origin and get you back up and running at destination to avoid costly Day 1 downtime.

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Cable Management Services

Our trained and certified technicians will prepare and pre-install cable at new locations to ensure quick reconnect activities. And, they are the same people that are responsible to get you up and running, so there is no finger pointing – just high fives.

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Decommissioning & Risk Mitigation

After you are done with your move, our team is just starting. We provide our clients the savings per square feet vacated by ensuring the space is in better shape than your landlord demands. Additionally, your brand is your reputation, and our job is to ensure your old space has been de-branded and there are no sensitive items left behind.

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Furniture Banking & Exchange

The Banking Program allows you to trade in your excess furniture assets for value towards existing or future needs. Similarly, the Product Exchange Program allows our clients to access the value of their current furniture assets while still utilizing those assets in the short term, eliminating downtime in relocation projects. In addition to reducing the cost of furniture removal, we also increase revenues produced through the sale of valuable furniture.

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Scanning & Document Management

Many organizations are moving into smaller spaces and are challenged with finding space for their records and files. They also have a need to streamline their processes while maintaining access to documents. Rentacrate offers a unique solution that integrates both physical and electronic content in the same application, in the same view, in the same place. We will help you create effective retention policies.

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Transition events are the best time to assess your internal signage. Rentacrate provides full service concept, design, production and install of all workplace signage. Our state-of-the-art fabrication resources can accommodate any size, shapes and quantity. Non-branded or appropriately branded signage can be used to engage, inform, promote, recognize, comply, alert and direct employees and visitors.

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Make it a Smart Move

We are excited to help your business thrive before, during and after your move. Call us, or explore our self serve portal and get started now.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design to make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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