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Invest in Your Space & Your People

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The workforce is changing. Has your business kept up to attract and retain your future? Are you moving to open floor plans, creating dedicated and collaborative workspaces or planning for working remotely? Is your technology infrastructure changing, requiring a partner to get you up and running with no downtime? We can help you navigate all of your execution points to create positive end user experiences throughout.

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Relocations and ongoing moves, adds and changes need to consider the needs of your staff and account for your company’s most precious assets. We have the tools to help you manage working environments, safeguard assets to sustain productivity and support revenue goals.

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Space Utilization

Commercial real estate costs are typically the 2nd largest cost in an organization.  If you want to balance the uses of space with the cost of space to achieve maximum ROI, avoid the “move now, figure it out later” methodology.  We can help change that paradigm and tell you how often conference rooms, cafeterias, gyms, restrooms or any other spaces are used to help you plan properly.

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Asset Dynamics

You bought them, so why not know what they are, where they are, who uses them, where they should go next and what to do when they shouldn’t? There is a lot to consider when changing the size and dynamics of a workspace. Trust your move to the experts with capabilities to implement your next vision and deal with the one you’re leaving behind.

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The Office of the Future

  • Much has been written about what your current and future employees will want in their workspace. How do you solve this changing dynamic while at the same time ensuring that you’re getting the most productivity out of your space and the worker? We believe that just knowing the number of square feet or spaces you have is not enough.
  • The key to managing trends is understanding when they do or don’t provide a return, foster communication, or improve KPI’s. Technology geared toward helping you plan, account and measure is critical.
  • Open floor plans, driving toward less content, and more collaborative and flexible spaces need to be planned in advance, managed and optimized afterward.
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Technology to Give You Your Time Back

Life is busy. Your work life is even busier. We have developed a series of proprietary platforms to make planning efficient, your move easy, and help with optimizing your space after you’ve moved.

We’ve built web-based software to allow you to run everything for you and your team, and give you more time for everything else in your life.

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Moving Made Easier

Learn more about our software and technology solutions.

Helping You Create an Optimized Space

Whether you’re relocating or just managing moves, adds and changes within your current space, you need the proper tools to plan, key partners to help you assess your current state, prepare for your next one and manage once you are there.

No matter what size of space you’re in or going to, there are minimum amounts of things to consider and we have the resources and tools to help you execute efficiently, and maximize your most valuable resources.

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A Sound Space

  • Needs assessment
  • Shuffle & in-house moves
  • Telco management
  • Document retention & scanning
  • Purging, liquidation & decommissioning
  • Disconnect/reconnect IT
  • Office signage

Employee & Asset Management

  • Employee & asset relocation
  • Desk hoteling
  • Room & space reservation management
  • RFID asset identification & management
  • Storage logistics
  • Space utilization & allocation studies with real-time data


  • On-site MAC work
  • Move management modules

Continued Optimization & Efficiency

We build long term relationships long after the dust has settled from your move. We have the tools, resources and services to help you keep up with your daily activities and maximize your space and your employee productivity.

Thought Leadership

Learn about the latest in move management, integrated technologies, space planning and design to make the most of your move, your space, your assets and your employees.

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