Why do I need ShredX?

Laws and regulations are making shredding a necessity for most businesses. If you handle sensitive information such as personal customer data, medical histories or confidential financial documents, privacy acts require that your business employ secure methods for disposal.

What makes shredding a smart solution is that it not only provides a way to comply with these regulations, but it also enables companies to infuse green practices into their business – which can lead to both environmental and financial benefits.

Working with ShredX, which recycles shredded paper and ships it to paper mills for reuse, your organization can:

  • Save trees, reduce solid waste in landfills and conserve energy.
  • Comply with an array of privacy regulations and keep sensitive data secure.
  • Qualify for discounts, funding and tax rebates for implementing green solutions.
  • Earn points on LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ registered projects.
Contact us to learn how ShredX can help your business or agency safeguard its information.