Why do I need E-Scrap?

More and more states are enacting laws making it illegal to dump computers into landfills. Chemicals used to create most electronics are harmful to the environment and can seep into the air and soil when left in landfills.

Your company’s sensitive data may also be at risk, should someone take a discarded disk or computer. Even though you’ve deleted your files, they may still be able to be recovered. With more and more companies needing to comply with information security regulations, this is a risky prospect.

So what are the alternatives?

  • Incineration – Harms the environment and is wasteful.
  • Shredding – Expensive to implement, and shredded materials often end up in landfills.
  • Refurbishment - Puts the security of your company's data at the most risk, as information may be left behind for others to access.

The only real alternative is recycling, which reclaims all raw materials AND destroys all information. E-Scrap, a division of Rentacrate, is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to certified electronic recycling, providing state-of-the-art solutions for businesses.

  • E-Scrap delivers and picks up bins for you to fill with all your materials, which will be recycled off-site.
  • All components are hand disassembled and completely stripped down to each and every reclaimable material. This method provides superior recycling efficiencies to that of incinerating.
  • Hard drives and memory chips are physically cut into pieces, making it impossible to recover any data. They are also never resold or recirculated, which ensures the security of your data. Plus, all materials are handled in a legal and environmentally correct manner. 
  • A certificate of electronic recycling is provided for each load, which is your legal proof of safe disposal.
  • With convenient As-You-Need-It™ service, deliveries and pick-ups are daily, weekly, monthly or as-you-require.
Contact us to learn how E-Scrap can help your business or agency safeguard its information.