When reusing existing materials is not an option, recycling is the best choice for waste disposal. ShredX document shredding and E-Scrap electronic recycling services provide a one-source green resource for businesses.

Beyond ShredX’s focus on security, flexibility and pricing clarity, the company ensures that destroyed, declassified documents are recycled. Similarly, Rentacrate’s E-Scrap brand delivers and picks up bins for customers to fill with their electronic materials and hand disassembles all of the components for recycling.

Through these processes, we enable you to:

  • Save trees, reduce solid waste in landfills and conserve energy.
  • Prevent hazardous chemicals – such as lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium – from polluting the environment.
  • Conserve the use of natural resources by infusing the electronics and paper manufacturing industries with recycled materials.

Contact us to learn how Rentacrate’s Green Solutions can help your business or agency become more cost efficient and environmentally responsible.