anti static bubble wrap

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Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

When it comes to wrapping your computer or electronics equipment, use Rentacrate’s Anti-Static Bubble Wrap to protect your valuable equipment. 12” x 15” perforated sheets.

Dimensions: ASBW 16” x 500’

bubble wrap

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Bubble Wrap

Moving artwork, lamps, glass, even furniture? Use Rentacrate’s Bubble Wrap to prevent damage. 12” x 15” perforated sheets.

Dimensions: BW 16” x 500’

strech film

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Stretch Film

Great for wrapping everything from pallets and furniture to carts and file cabinets.

Dimensions: SF 15” x 1500’

walk boards

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Walk Boards

High strength aluminum, 1” beam floor with “sharp tooth” slip resistant shape and truck bed locking pin.

Dimensions: WB12’, 14’, 16’

Please call 1-800-i-Crate-2 (1-800-427-2832) for availability.

floor protection

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Roll Up Floor Protection

Easier to use than masonite and protects your carpets better too! Rentacrate’s Roll Up Floor Protection is available in 3 sizes. Rolls on easily and cleans up quickly.

Dimensions: FPRU24 24” x 200’
Dimensions: FPRU36 36” x 200’
Dimensions: FPRU48 48” x 500’
Dimensions: FPRUAP 24” to 36” Adjustable Applicator
Dimensions: FPRUAP48 48” Applicator


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Doorjamb Protection

Hard plastic outer shell with soft polystyrene interior cushion to protect doorjambs from scrapes and scuffs during your move. Reusable and recyclable!

Dimensions: DJPS6 6’ x 6”


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Wall Protection

6mm corrugated plastic Wall Protection protects better than cardboard and won’t rip or tear. Reusable and recyclable!

Dimensions: WPS 6’ x 4’ sheets

Custom Printing Available!


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Packing Tape

General purpose carton sealing tape provides a quality seal.

Dimensions: Various sizes available


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Tape Dispensers

Quality tape dispensers for general or heavy duty use

Dimensions: Various sizes available