Many Rentacrate clients are private moving companies that see the value in encouraging their customers to use crates, which are environmentally-friendly, help streamline the process and reduce damage claims. Using Rentacrate’s Complete Moving System™ saves you time which gets you to your next job faster.

Just a few ways partnering with Rentacrate can add value to your customers and grow your business include:

  • Tapping into Rentacrate’s comprehensive network of clients across all industries. We serve as a repository of useful information that can turn into new business leads, potential leads and more.
  • Offering your customers more security during their move. All Rentacrates are lockable, which ensures their property and any sensitive material is secure.
  • Relying on the crates’ durable design to minimize damages to materials moved. This can reduce the number of claims and reimbursements you handle annually.  
  • Adding environmentally friendly products and services that attract growing demand from green-minded customers. 
  • Eliminating heavy lifting using Rentacrate products, which can reduce Workers' Compensation issues and make your customers’ packing easier.
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