Cost Savings

Cardboard boxes cost a great deal. Not just in the purchase price, but also in the numbers you need to complete your move and the risk to your property should the boxes be damaged. There is also the cost of excess manpower needed to move so many boxes, injuries from heavy lifting, as well as the disposal of the boxes once your move is complete.

Rentacrate offers a smart alternative to the cardboard box that enables you to save on:

Rentacrates are larger than boxes so you need 20 percent to 50 percent fewer crates than boxes which can reduce the number of truckloads you need by up to 40 percent.

Our Pak-N-Stak™ crate and dolly system enables you to stack more at one time and eliminates dolly-up/dolly-down time, reducing the number of trips it takes to load your property, as well as the time it takes to pack up.

Disposal Costs/Damages
Rentacrates are sturdy, reusable and virtually crushproof. This means your property is protected every step of the way. And when you’re done, there’s no clean-up or costs associated with disposing of hundreds of cardboard boxes.

Workers' Compensation
Rentacrate’s Pak-N-Stak crate and dolly system eliminates heavy lifting from the moving process, helping to reduce injury and resulting claims.

Rentacrate provides a just-in-time delivery and pick-up service directly to you, with 24 hours notice or less, making it easy and convenient.* Crates are delivered and picked up on a predetermined schedule, eliminating storage costs, employee downtime, workplace disruption and clutter.

Contact us to learn how Rentacrate can create a solution for you.

*Rentacrate does not provide any moving labor, just the delivery and pick-up service of its products.