Complete Moving System™

Rentacrate’s Complete Moving System is the only fully integrated moving system in the world and THE cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes and traditional methods of office relocations.

Based on labor savings, efficiencies and environmental awareness, our specially designed system of reusable plastic crates, dollies and bins lowers the overall cost of an office move.

When used together, the Complete Moving System’s four core products reduce the amount of labor and time required to complete a successful relocation project:

1. Purge and Shred Bins
Getting rid of unneeded materials and equipment will make your move more efficient. Rentacrate’s purge bins make the process easier by providing a multi-use space that accommodates a variety of materials. Our shredding bins will help secure your sensitive documents and ensure they are destroyed in compliance with most privacy legislation.

2. Pak-N-Stak for Files and Contents
Our crates are constructed to fit legal and letter size files, lateral cabinet drawers, binders, books, and personal desk contents. Place one crate onto our specially designed dolly system, pack to the fill line, affix labels and security ties, then repeat until your dolly holds four crates.

The Pak-N-Stak crate and dolly system eliminates any heavy lifting and ensures each crate is securely stacked with interlocking notches. When you’re done, your mover simply rolls the stack away. When you reach your new office, reverse your steps for unpacking.

3. Pak-N-Stak for Computers
Protect equipment with anti-static, reusable bubble wrap, flat-screen monitor or sealable, polypropylene bagsPlace one crate onto our specially designed dolly system, place your wrapped equipment into the crate, affix labels and security ties, and then repeat. We recommend a two to one ratio, but in some cases a third crate can be used. If three crates are used, pack your third crate separately and have your mover place on top of the other two.

4. Building Protection
Rentacrate’s reusable plastic building protection will help ensure your move doesn’t leave any lasting effects on your previous office space that could cost you money. From corrugated plastic for walls to rolls of plastic sheeting for floors to doorjamb cushioning, our building protection products help safeguard your relocation investment.

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