Choosing a Mover

Many people find the process of choosing a mover to transport their valuable possessions to be a confusing task. What are the right questions to ask? How can I tell the difference between a reputable moving company and a guy with a truck? What do all these moving terms mean?

To help make the best decision for you:

  • Evaluate how professional and responsive the company's representatives are.
  • Get estimates from at least three movers.
  • Ask what their hourly rates are.
  • Ask the company to explain their pricing policies and what appears on the estimate so that you understand them.
  • Check if the estimate they give is binding or non-binding.
  • Find out how long each company has been in business.
  • Find out what certification the company has.
  • Ask if a third party will be responsible for moving specialty items.
  • Ask if the mover is part of a local or national movers association, as this demonstrates a commitment to quality.

The best place to start your search for a mover is with your regional moving association. Each moving association lists its members and provides contact information to reach a mover in your area. Rentacrate is a proud member and active participant in the American Moving and Storage Association, as well as many regional movers associations across the U.S.

Visit our Links page for a listing of associations that may service your area.